No Title (or Many Titles) also known as “Mythology of the Spirit,” is a series of collages made from different sources found in second-hand book stores, magazine and newspaper’s graveyards, forgotten libraries, garage sales and random situations. It started as a simple aesthetic exercise for distraction and soon became a complex and absorbing project that restructures some of the most hermetic areas of my structural thinking. Differing from others, this project supposed a less cautious exploration and a more extensive finding, less logical, more complicated, impossible to circumscribe.


Each piece tells stories, builds arguments, relates subjects and juxtaposes disciplines strange to each other, associates eras in a non-linear manner, and narrates, in an almost mythological way, the origins of the human spirit which refuses to be reduced in the thoroughness of the encyclopedia. Extensive abstracts of a variety of specialties and disciplines, as a result of an almost neurotic gathering of images that have been selected, cut, and classified according to their nature, pile up all of a sudden in a description of monologues that prefer to avoid objective argumentation.


The formal aspect of collage is defying; the patience required in it is excessive. Little by little, small constellations build-up and later collapse at the mercy of chance, because the encounter of materials is gratuitous and the becoming is uncertain. Frequently, the ideal composition breaks down when a new image appears and claims its place within the piece. It is a dynamic procedure, in which one must give in more than desired: the aesthetic whims surrender to a supreme will that seems reluctant to grant permission. Balance and equilibrium conceal, and the absence of a simple cutout –or its unnecessary presence– compromise the general unity, corrupting the harmony. Each movement is a lesson. Order is chaos and chaos is order. Untitled (or Many Titles) is about everything and about nothing.


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